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An Online Character Sheet

This is a character sheet, both in English and Italian, optimized for online play for the roleplaying game Old-School Essentials and the classic Basic/Expert rules or its retroclones.

It is inspired by the the official character sheet from the OSE book, and it is made on Google Sheets, which allows:

  • Great customization, in case you love tinkering with your tools or you have dedicated house-rules;
  • Real-time visualization and editing by all players and referee alike;
  • Independence from any VTT platform like Roll20, Astral or others.

Don't Pay Me, Support Me!

The character sheet was previously shared for free with a direct link from my blog, and you should still consider it free of charge.

However, if you like my work you may consider supporting me with a donation either directly here or through my Ko-fi page.


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Una Scheda del Personaggio Online

Questa è una scheda del personaggio, sia in Italiano che Inglese, ottimizzata per l'uso online del gioco di ruolo Old-School Essentials e le classiche regole Basic/Expert o suoi retrocloni.

È ispirata alla scheda ufficiale dal manuale di OSE, ed è creata in Google Sheets, il che permette:

  • Una grande possibilità di personalizzazione, in caso tu sia di quelli a cui piace smanettare e modificare i propri giochi e strumenti di gioco;
  • Visualizzazione e modifica delle schede in tempo reale da parte di tutti, Arbitro e giocatori;
  • Indipendenza dalle piattaforme virtuali per il gioco di ruolo come Roll20, Astral o altre.

Non Pagarmi, Supportami!

Questa scheda personaggio era stata precedentemente condivisa in maniera gratuita con un link diretto dal mio blog, e va quindi considerata anche ora come gratuita a tutti gli effetti.

Tuttavia, se ti piace il mio lavoro, potresti considerare di supportarmi con una donazione direttamente qui, o sulla mia pagina Ko-fi.


Old-School Essentials is a trademark of Necrotic Gnome. The trademark and Old-School Essentials logo are used with permission of Necrotic Gnome, under license.

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OSE & B/X Character Sheet [eng+ita]

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Hi Dismaster FraNe!

Many Chinese OSR players are fans of your art. Is it possible for us to translate your “OSE & B/X Character Sheet” Simplified Chinese (简体中文) translation and posted it on itch.io for free (keeping all copyrights & attribution to you)?

Best regards,

Hey! Sure, go on. I'm glad you like it :)

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OSE+BX 在线表格角色卡


Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

I appreciate your work but what I really need, and was hoping for, was a fillable pdf of this character sheet. A spreadsheet is OK. The PDF download is not fillable

Thank you for the appreciation, and I'm sorry you're disappointed, but yeah it's not supposed to be printed as a fillable pdf, it's supposed to be used online.

Maybe on the internet you can find some tool or addon that helps you do that from the Google Sheets file, or you can just create a fillable pdf using some tool (there are plenty).

If you prefer, though, I can refund you with no problem.

Let me know!

fillable pdf is not for printing

(1 edit)

That's not necessarily true. I use fillable pdfs to print pregens in bulk for conventions.

But in this case my phrase "printed as a fillable pdf" is referring to the fact that to download the character sheet you need to use the "print" function with the option "save as pdf".

And unfortunately doing this does not create fillable fields in the pdf.